Dollhouse Season 1

So I have as of this second also decided to review movies/tv series :)

It took me months to finally get my hands on Season One of Joss Whedon's latest little project, "Dollhouse" which never lived to see a Season Three after it was apparently canceled in 2009 BUT Season 1 and 2 are out, so that was enough to make me at least have a peek to see if he had created another cult sensation. I wouldn't go so far as saying Dollhouse was freaking awesome ( as that is how I describe the Buffy/Angel saga) but it was definitely worth the year wait...

I read an interview with Joss, where he talks about wanting to explore the ideas about the different identities we create for ourselves, which is exactly what he has done in Dollhouse. Hes taken the question of " What if you could erase the past and create a whole new persona for yourself, would you do it?" to a whole new level in creating this world where you can have your mind wiped blank and imprinted with the complete  personality of someone else.

I didn't mind Eliza Dushku as the lead - she slightly annoyed me when she played Faith in Buffy, but I think it was more the character she played, than the actual acting. In Dollhouse, she gets to play a huge variety of characters - one day shes a midwife, the next shes a love-struck, mountain climbing tough chick, (spoiler alert) who is hired to be the hunted....I must say that ep took me by surprise and slightly freaked me out ( I wont be camping with someone  in the middle of nowhere for quite some time ....)

So all in all not a bad little series, the first two episodes are pretty crappy but persevere because it definitely gets better. Also, if you purchase season one, make sure you watch the unaired episode titled "Epitaph One" -  I thought it was a shame this was never aired because I considered it one of the best eps, connects alot of dots and makes certain details much clearer.

Definitely makes you wonder....just how would the world cope with having the power of the Gods in their hands? I think this series captures the point the makers were trying to present. And makes me never want to control minds again ( not that I ever did...maybe... )


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