Sunday, December 19, 2010

Currently Reading....

Book One in the Deepgate Codex by Alan Campbell. 

Its like Gothic steam punk mixed with mystery and intrigue. With murderous Angels in a dark fantasy world... I can not wait to see what it has in store! and to find that there are 2 follow ups... I'm so excited :)

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Unearthly was an interesting read. Cynthia Hand has taken the typical “angel” myth and transformed it into a magnificent coming of age novel. 

The book is centered around Clara, a teenager who has only recently found out she is half angel via her mother’s family. She is stronger, faster and smarter than the other students at her school - all this because she has a purpose to fill. In Clara's world, all angels are put on earth with a purpose - a rite of Passage that every angel must over come. They don't know who or where, but they get dreams or hints which point them into the right direction.

Clara's dreams sent her and her family to Wyoming, where she finds two boys who she is completely attracted to. Attempting not to get distracted by either boy, Clara finds she is dreaming about both boys amidst terrifying scenes of bush fires. Amongst all this, Clara discovers that her Purpose is only a small part of a massive struggle between angels and their destructive counterparts, the Black Wings. And when the fire of her visions erupts and forces Clara to make a decision- which boy does she save? 

Clara attempts to find her way in a confusing world where things aren’t the way she thought. She encounters dangers and choices she never thought existed and discovers the difference between good and evil, honesty and deceit and makes a choice between love and duty. 

I got through this novel in one night! The plot is a touch simplistic, but the beautiful writing makes up for it. Cynthia captures the beautiful scenery, with vivid descriptions and well developed characters to bring us a wonderful debut novel.

If you liked Vampire Academy, Evermore or the Fallen Series then Unearthly is for you.

A little bit about the Author:
I'm a debut YA writer who grew up in south east Idaho (very near the Wyoming border) and I still have a soft spot in my heart for that beautiful part of the country. I currently live in southern California with my husband and son. I also teach courses in creative writing at Pepperdine University.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Overview of our Traci Harding and Kim Falconer Signing!

What an awesome day!

It started off with me running around making sure everything was perfect before the girls showed up. When Traci and Sarah first arrived, it was hugs and chatting until the beautiful Kim, Natalie, Abigail, Sue and Maddy showed up, then off to coffee :) 

At 12.30pm we rushed back to the store to see dozens of people lining up, it was fantastic! 

The ladies got themselves organised then sat down for what ended up being nearly 2 hours of signing books for adoring fans!

Kim was Traci's first fan for the day! Kim got her copy of "Being of the Field" signed, before settling down and signing away. Much discussion was had, with Fans each getting a few minutes to chat to their favourite author about different scenes in the books, their favourite character, what they thought of Traci and Kim's newest releases and commenting on Traci's 
new hair do ( which looks fab!).

We had people visit from Melbourne which was amazing, and we had many fans from Traci's website  show up so that was a lovely surprise to see some old friends. The ladies signed and signed, many people bought the books on the day and it was just lovely :) 

Thank you to everyone who came, I have posted some more pics below!

Oh look there's me!

Newly Acquired Deliciousness :)

So excited to get into these! 

Musings about Nanotech

I am currently working my way through Path of the Stray by Kim Falconer, and it has sparked my interest in a few topics.

The main elements being Nanotechnology.

In POTS, the characters Luka and Janis are scientists on earth in the late 21st Century. The world has long been plagued by natural and man made disasters, leaving the air near unbreathable and the oceans unswimmable. Animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, and Luka is working on a way to splice DNA of the Grey wolves with the Canine's to bring Grey wolves back from the dead. If he succeeds, the same methods can be applied not only to extinct animals but humans as well.

Well this is the story.

In real life whilst the possibilities are endless, we are a bit slower on the "discovering" side.  Not to mention the possible "side effects" of using this "nanotechnology". It has the ability to completely revolutionise science, medicine and space exploration - but it could also ruin the worlds economy, destroy the environment and can you imagine the weapons people would make when they can command molecules?

I shudder to think about it.

What is amazing is this technology actually exists. Its not just a topic that can be touched on in speculative fiction any more. Scientists have found ways to manipulate atoms and molecules to form tiny structures ( tiny as in... on the nanometer, billionths of a meter etc). As we speak, they are working on ways to create robotic antibodies to help fight diseases and sicknesses that today are incurable. What makes me wonder though, is can the human body handle thousands of tiny metal particles?

The first example of this new technology is the product on the market ( forgotten what brand), the "silver band aids". Silver is known as a bacteria killer, so it makes sense to try to combat wound infections etc with it, but how much can our bodies take? In the years to come, would our bodies build up an immunity to the silver, or would the silver particles build up so much in our system that we would start having all kinds of problems?

So all this makes me want to delve more into this fascinating technology... i am currently reading a book called " Nanotech - building the world molecule by molecule" which i have discovered is one of MANY books on the subject. I will keep you updated with my findings... you never know, I see a story or two building from this :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triad of Being Trilogy by Traci Harding

Loved. Loved. Loved. ... and one more for good measure. LOVED this novel. 

I'm sure you saw my previous post where I carried on about how much of a Traci Harding fan I am, so I will try to keep the adoring admiration from this post ( try being the operative word) and give you an honest review.

Please be aware, **SPOILERS ALERT **  
So do not read this review if you want to keep the 
mystery going. 

In "Being of the Field", Taren and the team at AIME (Astro Marine Institute Explorer) discover an anomaly. A large mass of gaseous substance is seen floating on the undiscovered planet Oceane.  They decide to send a pod to the surface of the planet, and abstract a gas sample to run some tests. What they don't realise at the time, is the anomaly is not just a gaseous mass but an ancient being called an "Arupa Deva", a being whose body is entirely composed of electricity. This being is actually connected to the making of the universe, it has the power to speed up the evolutionary process of a planet, and that is why it is currently residing on the planet Oceane. 

They send Taren and Zeven (appropriately named Starman, so in love with this guy!) to the surface of Oceane, and they discover the atmosphere is quite potent! They have a lovely steamy encounter before finally getting their wits about them and taking the sample back to AIME. From this, a chain of disastrous events are set in motion. Taren discovers she has had her memory tampered with,  finds out who her family are and falls for the gorgeous Lucian who commands AIME. 

The “Universe Parallel” picks up right where “Being of the Field” left off. Taren and Lucian are unconscious on AIME  which is on course towards another universe. They are found by the "Chosen", a race of Immortals who inhabit the planet Kila. They discover that as a consequence of the stolen sample, the entire planet of Maaladan has been pulled through to a "parallel universe". Along with the planet, are of course the inhabitants, who are scared of anyone with psychic powers. They command the MSS "Maladaan Secret Service", that is encompassed of assassins, spies, etc. who either lock psychic's  up or command them with mind control. 

So what happens when the MSS come into contact with the immortal psychics of Kila? Of course a War is started. Luckily the Chosen are able to dismantle it quickly by showing select members of the MSS the peaceful planet of Kila, and prove there are other ways to live. 

So the tale goes, with Taren and Lucian trying to find a way to restore Maladaan to its own universe. Taren discovers she has to go to back in time to when she first started studying,  to save the lives of those who are precious to her and to discover what memories the MSS had stolen from her.

In amongst all this, Lucian has the ability to connect with the Grigori, a race of highly ascended beings that are a part of Taren and Lucian's  soul source - here you find the connection to Traci's previous novels (not giving too many hints :P)

I was ecstatic when I realised the Characters from "Being" were reincarnations of the Chosen clan from the earlier "The Ancient Future" books. Oh I miss them so! Although I did have a hard time connecting Taren to Tory in UP, she seemed a lot more like Tory in "Being", but not so much in UP.  The rest were just like i remembered them, only much more experienced and it was lovely to see they had established the Utopia they dreamed of in the earlier books.

An awesome mix of time travel, quantum physics, kick ass action and lovable characters. Traci's books catapult me into grand adventures like no other author and I am a fan for life :)
RRP: $22.99
Publisher: Harper Collins Voyager 

The Universe Parallel ( Book #2 in Triad Of Being Trilogy) 
RRP: $32.99
Publisher: Harper Collins Voyager 


Sunday, November 14, 2010


OK, so I sort of turn into a crazy woman when I get a new Traci Harding novel. That crazy-trish creature came out today and scared my co-workers!!

My lovely Harper Collins Rep posted me a completed copy of "The Universe Parallel" by Traci Harding and I received it this morning :) :) :) Why am I not reading you ask? because I had to take 5 minutes to write this post and eat my subway THEN I SHALL READ! and most likely   finish it    tonight. Oh I'm so excited I could squeal - oh wait, I did that already! ...

Bear in mind this is the second book in the series, so if you have not read them i suggest you go buy "Being of the Field" immediately! "Universe Parallel" is due in stores 1st December 2010 so keep a look out!!!

 Blurb is as follows: 

 "In the Universe Parallel, Taren Lenox and Lucian Gervaise land on a utopian planet of immortal psychics. It shares an orbit with their lost planet, Maladaan -- inhabited by a race that cannot abide psychism. Their saviours believe Taren and Lucian to be incarnations of their great ancestors, come to help them remove the alien planet from their star system.
Aided by her new allies, Taren moves to retrieve her lost memories from the Maladaan Secret Service′s memory bank in Esponisa. She discovers that the way to return Maladaan to its rightful universe and future, lies ten years in her past ...
Superb storytelling and grand adventure from this best-selling and ever-popular author"

The Universe Parallel
Traci Harding
Harper Collins Voyager Imprint
RRP $32.99

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Geist by Philippa Ballantine

I decided to pick this one up as the cover was so pretty. I had finished my other book on the train and had nothing to read ( OH NO!) and this was a nice little find.

The cover was very catching (as you see above). It depicts a beautiful cloaked woman with a large powerful Lion behind her. It made me very curious!

Basic summary is -

When a geist (ghost) takes possession of a living person, the Deacons are the only ones with the power to banish it.  Trained to work in twos as an "Active" and a "Sensitive"- one uses magic force to command the Geist's, the other uses their "sight" to see the Otherside. Sorcha Faris has been an Active for nearly twenty years, and when the Order pairs her with a complete novice for a dangerous mission, Sorcha is unwilling to give the guy a go.  Merrick Chambers is a strong Sensitive talent, but he’s terrified to be paired with Sorcha, whose power is unrivaled, but her control is questionable.  The partners are sent on a mission to a small seaside town which is said to be having unusual problems with the dead. They fall in the company of Raed Rossin, the "Pretender" who is the enemy of their emperor, as his family once ruled the kingdom and was overthrown. The "Pretender" is said to carry a curse of a Geist Lord, the creature is trapped inside his body and if ever unleashed will be deadly and uncontrollable.

They embark upon a journey that leads to Sorcha and Merrick questioning who they can and can not trust within the order. Relationships and Bonds are formed where they are not wanted between the three and the uncontrollable beast finds its way out.

This book has combined all the my favourite elements into one awesome read. It is fast paced action, with a touch of romance and enough twists to keep you guessing the whole way through. I love that the protagonist is a strong willed mature woman, as opposed to the usual young and stupid heroines that seem to be around lately. I love that they throw at her a new partner and they do not end up lovers. Seems weird  I know but my first thought was " oh damn that is predictable" and then it wasn't. Thank god. 

It was quite original too, which seems hard to find lately. It had elements of the paranormal genre, the magic system was very intriguing and quite detailed and the mental link between the partners was well thought out.

The characters had layers - whilst Sorcha is this bad ass Active who has a reputation for being unpredictable, she also has flaws. She is horrible in social situations, is having marriage problems ( which lately... everything I read ends with " happily ever after" which lets face it, isn't always the case), and is rude and condescending, not only towards her new partner but to others who seem less able than herself. Raed completely won me over the second he was introduced. Not only because he is quite obviously the perfect match for Sorcha but because he is the rebel, and carries this huge weight on his shoulders every day. His character isnt quite as deep as Sorcha or Merrick but I'm hoping in the upcoming books the author expands a little. 

It does get a touch slow on the last ten or so chapters. You have a confrontation which is well put together, then a smaller confrontation which could have been made a lot more and ends up leaving a bit to the imagination. But all and all, quite a good book and I look forward to the sequels! ( assuming there is since its titled "Geist, A novel of the Order" :)

Oh and awesome love scene too! and somehow Philippa makes a man with a beard sound attractive. Sorry to those beared fellows!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Blood Countess Tara Moss

I received my lovely signed copy of The Blood Countess late Monday afternoon, it is now Wednesday and I have just finished it! I thought since Tara is coming to Galaxy to do a signing for us, I should at least be able to have a chat with her, and I am very glad I did :)

Let me first say, this is not my usual pick. I don't really follow fashion trends, let alone have a dream of moving to the big apple for a promising career in journalism. Nor do I have dreams about ghosts. Or actually see ghosts standing behind curtains ( ok maybe sometimes) or sitting on the edge of my bed. And I certainly do not make out with ghosts in said bed (not that it would be a bad thing right?). Now that I have covered the important points, on with the review. 

This novel comes across as a "Devil Wears Prada" type novel. Not that I like to compare as this has an obvious paranormal twist to it, which in turn makes the book so much more.

Pandora is a small town girl, who has the (albeit rather unrealistic) dream of moving to New York and quickly landing herself a job at a popular magazine and becoming a journalist. She moves into a dusty old mansion, home to Great Aunt Celia and in a few short days is living the life she always wanted. She soon discovers that Aunt Celia isn't what she expected. She is incredibly youthful for her supposed 70 plus years and has not lost her touch for fashion, as  Celia was a well known designer in the 40's. Her connections land Pandora a job at "Pandora Magazine" ( yes...her name is the name of the company) and Pandora gets given her first assignment. To cover the launch of "BloodofYouth", a new beauty product on the market, that is showing very promising results. Pandora uncovers details on the makers of the product and in the process gets herself in some hot water with the model who is promoting the product. 

In amongst all this, we find out that Pandora has a gift- she can see spirits. The young Lieutenant Luke, who died in the civil war visits Pandora at night and the two hit it off. It is an interesting relationship that is not fully played out so I am waiting on book two :) 


If you are looking on an interesting, thought provoking read then perhaps this is not what you are after. But if you are looking for an entertaining, lighthearted, at times humorous read then you will really enjoy this. There were many references to the classic vampire stories such as Anne Rice's novels, Dracula and the Addams Family, which made me smile. I love the whole idea of the "vampires have to count rice when its in front of them" as I was always told that as a child so it brought back memories.  But then at the same time, it made it slightly more predictable as most of us are quite familiar with these books and it would have been nice to see a new take on things. 

Don't get me wrong - the author has put a lot of work into creating this Gothic, dark, creepy world. I did find the character's thoughts a touch unrealistic, in the sense that she is presented with these amazing, scary situations and she just smiles and deals with it. Which I suppose there could be people out there, but I am defiantly not one of them! ( wuss at heart!).

I really did enjoy this, and it is completely suitable for young adults too which makes it even better ( just more customers I can recommend it to! )

Very much looking forward to meeting Tara and being able to discuss :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magic Bites ( Book One in the Kate Daniels series) by Ilona Andrews

So Mark finally got me to read this and as predicted, I loved it. I have only read Magic Bites, and am nearly  through Magic Burns, the second in the (currently) 5 book series. 

It goes like this...

There has been a magic apocalypse somewhere in the not so distant future. Technology had taken over the world and magic decided it wanted to come back in full force - descending upon the city of Atlanta (and everywhere else in the world) in random waves knocking out all technology. 

Kate Daniels is a Mercenary/Guild Member/ Trained killer with a bad mouth on her and a way of putting herself in bad situations. She is a strong willed and beautiful woman, who has a hilarious sense of dry wit. Quote "Nothing kills a party like an over sized hedgehog" - if you knew the context in which this was being said, you'd fall over laughing too.
The first book Magic Bites starts off with Kate's life long mentor, Greg, being murdered. Of course Kate goes on the hunt for the killer and during the process of attempting to gather information, she learns a lot more about Greg's acquaintances. They include the Pack, who is controlled by the ferocious Beast Lord Curran. Curran controls the pack with ruthless authority, and Kate really knows how to get under his skin. She learns that 7 members of the pack have all gone missing, and also 5 members of the "People" have also gone missing. The people are necromancers who control the living dead aka Vampires, who without the mind control of the people would be walking monsters tearing up and eating everything in their path.

The story ends in a major show down, with enough twists and turns to make you immediately  want to pick up the second book.

The plot is basically a murder mystery, with lots of sword fighting and gore thrown with a slight trace of romance. The main protagonist is Kate and the story is told via first person. Which normally would aggravate me to no end, but it suits the story. Being inside Kate's head is an interesting journey, she has secrets about her past that have not fully come to light ( me being only up to book two) but the way the authors hint at it is making me incredibly curious. I'm sure as I progress through the series I will work out what the secret to her blood is!

So to make it short and sweet. Seriously cool books, not at all what I expected ( which was along the lines of crappy heroine pouts after sappy lion etc etc).

Definately worth the read.

How Cool Is This...

Mary Victoria, author of Tymon's Flight has blogged about my little review...

I really love it when Authors are involved with their readers. They put so much work and effort into creating their novels that I can't help but marvel, and being in contact with them through the journey is really the best part! Thankyou Mary!

Now for a certain someone to finish his novels so I can blog about them too :P

Monday, October 11, 2010

Really need to make up my mind...

I keep changing the layout of this thing. I haven't really told many people about it because I can't seem to find a layout that I like! They're either too boring, too bright, too weird ( and I like weird) or too blah to warrant a stay any longer than a few weeks, then I loose interest. So I apologise if everytime you look *not that there is many of you* it is completely different.

It's sort of like my life. Each week something changes and I am either back to the beginning in a situation or I do a complete turn over and change everything, only to decide to put it back to the original. I'm a bit odd sometimes. The End.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tymon's Flight ( Chronicles of the Tree #1) by Mary Victoria

Tymon's Flight
Mary Victoria 
Harper Collins Publishers
RRP: $22.99

I finally got around to reading this book! With proof copies from work constantly piling up, this book kept slipping through the cracks and ending up sitting on my bookshelf - but I took it to QLD for a week and finally had time to relax and immerse myself in this wonderful world. Nothing like relaxing on a beautiful beach, in beautiful weather with a good read :)

Tymon's Flight was a surprise to be honest. On first sight, the cover didn't really grab me, it was dark and the images didn't really capture me. But then I can be quite critical of  covers- when I have so many things to get to, often if the cover doesn't grab me, it gets put aside.

But this book is a classic example of  "Don't judge a book by its cover".

Set in the world of a huge tree where all life comes from, Mary Victoria has created a wonderful world- cities are supported by huge branches and every utensil the characters use are somehow based on the materials you would find when living off nature. It was amazing.

The tale follows Tymon, a young boy who dreams of adventure. He wants to command a dirigible and explore the canopy. The Argosian priests have banned science and travel beyond the confines of the tree, but Tymon yearns to discover if there really is another world above and below. He gets a bit more than he bargained for when he disobeys his orders and meets Samiha, a female foreigner and one of the Nurian pilgrims brought to the city every year as slaves - and sacrifices. 
Tymon is punished and exiled to the eastern canopy, a dry dirty place where the Nurians live - they show him there are other ways to determine the will of the tree, introduce him to magic and "grafting" and send him on a new path and a new fate.

The pace of the first few chapters is quite slow compared to the rest of the book. You can tell it is building up to something big, but it takes a while to get there. It is full of adventure and Mary's incredible world building makes everything feel so believable. It's all so natural - the way the societies are built around the system of the tree, the structure, everything- its hard to describe how complex it all is until you read it. 
The book has been marketed by Harper as an Adult book but after speaking with the author, I found out that she had originally planned for it to be a YA/Adult book. Its sort of a coming of age novel. Apparently the next two books in the series go quite a bit darker than Tymon's Flight, so I am definitely looking forward to that.
I couldn't fault this novel - its captivating, heart wrenching and the second book "Samiah's Song" looks to be very impressive ( i have read the first few chapters courtesy of Mary Victoria).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fallen & Torment by Lauren Kate

 I wrote this up for another blog but decided to re-post  it here...

Fallen ( Book One RRP $17.95)

17 Year Old Lucinda Price is a new student at Sword & Cross, a boarding/reform school in Savannah, Georgia. Luce’s boyfriend died under suspicious circumstances, and now she carries the guilt over his death with her as she navigates the unfriendly halls at her new school where every student seems to have an unpleasant, criminal history.

Yet when she sees Daniel, a gorgeous fellow student, Luce feels there’s a reason to be here — though she
doesn’t know what it is. Daniel acts cold and hateful towards her. Giving the impression that he wants nothing to do with her, which is really a protective device that he has used again...and again.. and again throughout time. For Daniel is a fallen angel, doomed to fall in love with the same girl every 17 years... and watch her die. And Luce is a fellow immortal, cursed to be reincarnated again and again as a     mortal girl who has no idea of who she really is.

Torment ( Book Two RRP $29.95)
Set only a few weeks after the final chapter of Fallen, Luce has been hidden away Daniel in a new school filled with Nephilim kids (the children of Angels and Humans). He promises her she will be safe and protected, although protected from what Luce doesn't know. Daniel is keeping secrets. One big secret in particular that he has been avoiding telling Luce since the moment they met at Sword & Cross. At the school Luce discovers what the Shadows that have followed her all her life mean – and how to manipulate them to see into her other lives. The more Luce discovers about herself, the more she realises that her past lives are the key to unlocking her future, if only Daniel would tell the truth and help set her free.

What if his versio
n of the past isn’t actually the way things happened … what if Luce was really meant to be with someone else?

Torment is published as a young adult series, but I really enjoyed them! There are so many YA Angel/Vampire/Wolf books on the shelves lately but these books really stand out with their gorgeous Gothic style covers and the beautiful love between the characters. If you like authors such as -

Richelle Mead
Maggie Stiefvater
Allyson Noel
Claudia Grey
Or PC Cast ....then you will eat these books up!

Check out the site dedicated to the series by Random House Publishers and see the little film clip they have put together.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clockwork Angel (#1 Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare

Yes its YA Fiction, but I seriously love Cassandra Clare's novels- The Mortal Instruments series was brilliant ( thank the gods its not finished yet!). I remember picking up City of Bones (bk 1) and being catapulted into this awesome world of Demons, Shadow hunters, young love, quirky fun characters and I am happy to say Clockwork Angel was a brilliant prequel. 

Set in the Victorian era of the Shadow Hunters world, Tessa is a 16 year old girl on her way to London from New York to meet her brother Nathaniel. Instead of her brother meeting her at the docks as promised, Tessa is met by the Dark Sisters, two Warlocks who take Tessa as a prisoner for gifts that she apparently possesses.

Tessa realises she can turn into any other human, simply by holding an object of theirs. How cool is that?

They teach Tessa how to harness her gift and plan on delivering her to the Magickster,  an unknown man of considerable power who wishes to use Tessa's gift as his own. Tessa escapes the Dark Sisters and is thrown in the household of the Shadow hunters- the sons and daughters of the Nefilim (offspring of Angels and humans), who protect the city from the ever coming demons, warlocks and vampires. Tessa soon discovers herself and her brother are much more important than first realised, and they play an important part in a larger conspiracy. The Pandemonium Club and its Magickster have a plot to rid the world of the Shadow Hunters, by using an army of mechanicals with the essence of demons.
Amongst all this, Tessa finds herself falling in love with not one but two guys - a gorgeous bad boy Will and the courageous, heartfelt Jem who both adore her.

The supporting characters are well written and you even become reacquainted with a few characters from the "Mortal Instruments" series i.e.. Magnus Bane - And if you have not read "The Mortal Instruments" series, then get reading because Jace is adorable!

There are another 3 books due out in The Mortal Instruments Series ( squeeee!!) -City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Currently Reading...

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare!!

 How stunning is this cover? I have been waiting over a year for this book! This new trilogy are prequels to the best selling ( and awesome) Mortal Instruments series which I absolutely adored. Sure they are YA novels, but I still loved loved loved them.. and I squealed when this book came in yesteday.

Review up soon.... :) :)

Clockwork Angel 
Book One of the Infernal Devices
Cassandra Clare

Power & Majesty by Tansy Rayner Roberts

I know in a previous post I didn't seem too impressed with this book. I still am not overly loving it BUT I did, in the end, enjoy it. So here is my review. There were certain parts where I  felt they really needed a lot more work, and other parts that actually started to flow well. I will read the next book- just to see what this whole war is actually about!

 The first 85 or so pages of this book, I hated it. I would come to work whinging about how absolutely nothing was making sense, how the characters were confusing, and the constant jumping from a memory to the present was driving me freaking crazy. But I did persevere and I am glad I did. 

The story starts when the main character Velody sees two young teens fall out of the sky, stark naked and with one of them off their face.  One of these guys confronts her without the other knowing, and steals a power that she has no idea she possesses. Velody has no idea that she is actually a member of the Creature Court, a secret society of humans who can turn into a certain animal (everyone is different)  to fight the battle of the sky at night, when the city folk have no idea what is happening. But whilst they are protecting the city from falling, they fight amongst themselves, acting as animals really. Everyone is constantly on edge about who is going to kill who to gain more power and move themselves along the hierarchy of power.

Twelve years later, Velody has forgotten about the naked boys and moved on with her life. She is now a Dressmaker living with two friends in the city, and gets commissioned to make a dress for the Duchess ( I forget what she called the woman who is in charge of the city). She does so, and the dress catches the attention of a former Creature Court King, Ashiol, who was exiled by the current Power & Majesty -who was also his best friend. He has also gone mad. From here, Velody and Ashiol are thrown back into the pit of the creature court, where Velody must learn to come to terms with her new life as a powerful King and tame the hearts of all the wild animals who would rather see her dead than ruling them.

Like I said, I didn't mind this novel.  It was original, well thought out and really made me think to work out what was going to happen next, which is something you want in a fantasy novel. It did however, strike a few chords with me regarding time lines - for the first 15 or so chapters I was completely confused. It constantly jumps from the past to the present, with all different characters and most of it is unnecessary. 

Also, nothing was explained about the battle with the sky, I have finished the book and I still have no idea why the hell the sky shoots lightening bolts and can burn cities to the ground, or erase the memories of everyone who ever had ties to that city.

In saying all that.... the book as edgy, mysterious and exotic. It was quite dark in certain places, and definitely a novel for adults ( sex, drugs and rape are issues here)...

I will read the following two books to make the trilogy - and I really hope that author decides to expand on certain topics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dollhouse Season 1

So I have as of this second also decided to review movies/tv series :)

It took me months to finally get my hands on Season One of Joss Whedon's latest little project, "Dollhouse" which never lived to see a Season Three after it was apparently canceled in 2009 BUT Season 1 and 2 are out, so that was enough to make me at least have a peek to see if he had created another cult sensation. I wouldn't go so far as saying Dollhouse was freaking awesome ( as that is how I describe the Buffy/Angel saga) but it was definitely worth the year wait...

I read an interview with Joss, where he talks about wanting to explore the ideas about the different identities we create for ourselves, which is exactly what he has done in Dollhouse. Hes taken the question of " What if you could erase the past and create a whole new persona for yourself, would you do it?" to a whole new level in creating this world where you can have your mind wiped blank and imprinted with the complete  personality of someone else.

I didn't mind Eliza Dushku as the lead - she slightly annoyed me when she played Faith in Buffy, but I think it was more the character she played, than the actual acting. In Dollhouse, she gets to play a huge variety of characters - one day shes a midwife, the next shes a love-struck, mountain climbing tough chick, (spoiler alert) who is hired to be the hunted....I must say that ep took me by surprise and slightly freaked me out ( I wont be camping with someone  in the middle of nowhere for quite some time ....)

So all in all not a bad little series, the first two episodes are pretty crappy but persevere because it definitely gets better. Also, if you purchase season one, make sure you watch the unaired episode titled "Epitaph One" -  I thought it was a shame this was never aired because I considered it one of the best eps, connects alot of dots and makes certain details much clearer.

Definitely makes you wonder....just how would the world cope with having the power of the Gods in their hands? I think this series captures the point the makers were trying to present. And makes me never want to control minds again ( not that I ever did...maybe... )

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Musings about nothing in particular...

I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Grey yesterday- the author of the teen Evernight Series which I am a fan of.  Claudia and her Harper Collins Agent came into the store to do a quick meet and greet and to sign some stock for us, and of course I got my books signed. One of which is a cheap proof copy that is falling apart, but which she examined and was surprised that they actually made proof copies ( why she was marvelled by this I do not know…)  Yes I am cheap. Yes I am trying to limit the amount of books I buy. So sue me :)

But she was lovely and I got my copies signed. I must admit I am still not over the awe of meeting authors. Four years in the book industry and I still find it hard to form words when someone walks in and says " Hi im the author of……"  I think its more to do with the fact that -

A. They have actually buckled down and produced a manuscript
B. They have had the patience to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and perfect it and…
C. After the whole publishing process, they then get the opportunity to meet and chat with the people that have read their work

All of which I think is fun and cool and one day would also like to do :) :)

I am more prone to reading ( and occasionally attempting to write) fantasy novels as I have made pretty obvious. I'm not sure exactly what the attraction is - I love the imagination that the author must have to be able to create something set in another world. The way they have to World Build and come up with complex Magic Systems set them apart from general fictional authors and it definitely requires some talent.

For instance, I am currently up to the 4th chapter of  "Power and Majesty"  by Tansy Rayner Roberts, and whilst the story has pulled me in and I will continue to read it, there is complete confusion about what place in time and what world the story is taking place. We jump from one characters perspective which seems to be set in around the 500AD (random pulling of the date there…basically at first I got the impression the character was living in a crappy stone house with a bunch of wannabe apprentices in a large but not so civilised "city") - THEN she is on a train. So now I'm thinking it might actually be set in or around the 1800's, considering the first train in our world was build in 1825 ( I think… why I know this I don't know). And in amoungst this happening, we are jumping to the perspective of a young man, who is also half cat. Or something. And he can fly…and there is a war happening in the skies and no one on the ground notices. We are also constantly skipping huge amounts of time and I am really hoping we start to get told a few things soon and this is all going to come together into a nice bubbly interesting story. I hope.

Anyway as I was saying… this is just an example of not conveying to your readers what or where you are writing. Unless I am a complete fool who doesn't pay attention to what shes reading which is highly possible when one sleeps for an hour or so a night.

In saying that about "Power and Majesty" its actually quite interesting. I had never heard of the author, although she has apparently written a few children's storybooks.  I will update you when I finish the book - hopefully I will have a great review for you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wolves of Mercy Falls (Shiver #1 & Linger #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up these books. The cover work is so elegantly beautiful that I couldn’t not know what they contained and I'm glad I did. The series revolve around a girl named Grace, who is obsessed with the wolves that roam the woods behind her house in Mercy Falls, a small town just south of the Canadian border. When she was young, she was dragged into the woods by the wolves and attacked, but miraculously survived. She becomes attached to one particular yellow eyed wolf and an encounter with a familiar yellow eyed boy sets her mind reeling and her heart racing.

Sam is a tortured soul. Spending most of the years months trapped in the body of a wolf,  each year forgetting more and more of his human life. When the warm Summer months come on, he is allowed for a brief time, the opportunity to live in his human body. To play Guitar and sing with his friends ( aka wolves also turned Human), to read his beloved poetry and to live as a normal boy for once.  When a bullet wound leaves him on Grace's doorstep, fate steps in and brings these two together.

I have mixed feelings about these books so far as the writing and storytelling is concerned. The Author has an incredible style of writing. The words were lyrical and captured every single emotion from longing, hurt and despair to elation and ecstasy. I laughed, I cried, I even thumped the book down on the table until I could calm down enough I could read it again! ( if you read Linger, you will find out what enraged me then made me so ecstatic!).

Shiver, the first book, introduces you to the characters via two narratives - Grace and Sam. Once you reach Linger, Maggie introduces two more perspectives- that of Cole and Isabel which brings a whole new fresh feel to   the book, whilst still having the characteristics of Shiver.  I really enjoyed   these books! I Can not wait for the final installment "Forever", due in stores July 2011.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Me :)

Good afternoon ( well it's actually 7.42am but for the sake of whoever it reading this I'm going to assume its afternoon as no one in their right mind would be reading blogs at 7.42am!). I have used the name Temperance as an online user for many years so thought it appropriate to use it in my new little venture into blogging land.

I am going to use this blog to post my many musings on the tales I read. I feel that I don't read enough and yet my family tell me I read too much! (blasphemy right?). So at least now I have the extra added excuse of " but its for my blog!" to say back to them.

So lets get started - My favourite all time authors are

*Kim Wilkins
*Traci Harding
*Robert Jordan
*Trudi Canavan
*Kate Forsyth
*Stephen King
*Kim Falconer
*Maggie Steifvater ( newly added to the list!)

They are just the Authors that I simply MUST read at all costs... As you can see most are Australian Fantasy Authors which I like to promote as much as I can, cos lets face it, us Aussies gotta stick together! Plus, their writing is amazing.

I'm going to start writing my reviews on here very soon - its just choosing what to put up first!!