The Blood Countess Tara Moss

I received my lovely signed copy of The Blood Countess late Monday afternoon, it is now Wednesday and I have just finished it! I thought since Tara is coming to Galaxy to do a signing for us, I should at least be able to have a chat with her, and I am very glad I did :)

Let me first say, this is not my usual pick. I don't really follow fashion trends, let alone have a dream of moving to the big apple for a promising career in journalism. Nor do I have dreams about ghosts. Or actually see ghosts standing behind curtains ( ok maybe sometimes) or sitting on the edge of my bed. And I certainly do not make out with ghosts in said bed (not that it would be a bad thing right?). Now that I have covered the important points, on with the review. 

This novel comes across as a "Devil Wears Prada" type novel. Not that I like to compare as this has an obvious paranormal twist to it, which in turn makes the book so much more.

Pandora is a small town girl, who has the (albeit rather unrealistic) dream of moving to New York and quickly landing herself a job at a popular magazine and becoming a journalist. She moves into a dusty old mansion, home to Great Aunt Celia and in a few short days is living the life she always wanted. She soon discovers that Aunt Celia isn't what she expected. She is incredibly youthful for her supposed 70 plus years and has not lost her touch for fashion, as  Celia was a well known designer in the 40's. Her connections land Pandora a job at "Pandora Magazine" ( yes...her name is the name of the company) and Pandora gets given her first assignment. To cover the launch of "BloodofYouth", a new beauty product on the market, that is showing very promising results. Pandora uncovers details on the makers of the product and in the process gets herself in some hot water with the model who is promoting the product. 

In amongst all this, we find out that Pandora has a gift- she can see spirits. The young Lieutenant Luke, who died in the civil war visits Pandora at night and the two hit it off. It is an interesting relationship that is not fully played out so I am waiting on book two :) 


If you are looking on an interesting, thought provoking read then perhaps this is not what you are after. But if you are looking for an entertaining, lighthearted, at times humorous read then you will really enjoy this. There were many references to the classic vampire stories such as Anne Rice's novels, Dracula and the Addams Family, which made me smile. I love the whole idea of the "vampires have to count rice when its in front of them" as I was always told that as a child so it brought back memories.  But then at the same time, it made it slightly more predictable as most of us are quite familiar with these books and it would have been nice to see a new take on things. 

Don't get me wrong - the author has put a lot of work into creating this Gothic, dark, creepy world. I did find the character's thoughts a touch unrealistic, in the sense that she is presented with these amazing, scary situations and she just smiles and deals with it. Which I suppose there could be people out there, but I am defiantly not one of them! ( wuss at heart!).

I really did enjoy this, and it is completely suitable for young adults too which makes it even better ( just more customers I can recommend it to! )

Very much looking forward to meeting Tara and being able to discuss :)


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