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Good afternoon ( well it's actually 7.42am but for the sake of whoever it reading this I'm going to assume its afternoon as no one in their right mind would be reading blogs at 7.42am!). I have used the name Temperance as an online user for many years so thought it appropriate to use it in my new little venture into blogging land.

I am going to use this blog to post my many musings on the tales I read. I feel that I don't read enough and yet my family tell me I read too much! (blasphemy right?). So at least now I have the extra added excuse of " but its for my blog!" to say back to them.

So lets get started - My favourite all time authors are

*Kim Wilkins
*Traci Harding
*Robert Jordan
*Trudi Canavan
*Kate Forsyth
*Stephen King
*Kim Falconer
*Maggie Steifvater ( newly added to the list!)

They are just the Authors that I simply MUST read at all costs... As you can see most are Australian Fantasy Authors which I like to promote as much as I can, cos lets face it, us Aussies gotta stick together! Plus, their writing is amazing.

I'm going to start writing my reviews on here very soon - its just choosing what to put up first!!


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  2. why thankyou :) still fiddling with it though..


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