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I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Grey yesterday- the author of the teen Evernight Series which I am a fan of.  Claudia and her Harper Collins Agent came into the store to do a quick meet and greet and to sign some stock for us, and of course I got my books signed. One of which is a cheap proof copy that is falling apart, but which she examined and was surprised that they actually made proof copies ( why she was marvelled by this I do not know…)  Yes I am cheap. Yes I am trying to limit the amount of books I buy. So sue me :)

But she was lovely and I got my copies signed. I must admit I am still not over the awe of meeting authors. Four years in the book industry and I still find it hard to form words when someone walks in and says " Hi im the author of……"  I think its more to do with the fact that -

A. They have actually buckled down and produced a manuscript
B. They have had the patience to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and perfect it and…
C. After the whole publishing process, they then get the opportunity to meet and chat with the people that have read their work

All of which I think is fun and cool and one day would also like to do :) :)

I am more prone to reading ( and occasionally attempting to write) fantasy novels as I have made pretty obvious. I'm not sure exactly what the attraction is - I love the imagination that the author must have to be able to create something set in another world. The way they have to World Build and come up with complex Magic Systems set them apart from general fictional authors and it definitely requires some talent.

For instance, I am currently up to the 4th chapter of  "Power and Majesty"  by Tansy Rayner Roberts, and whilst the story has pulled me in and I will continue to read it, there is complete confusion about what place in time and what world the story is taking place. We jump from one characters perspective which seems to be set in around the 500AD (random pulling of the date there…basically at first I got the impression the character was living in a crappy stone house with a bunch of wannabe apprentices in a large but not so civilised "city") - THEN she is on a train. So now I'm thinking it might actually be set in or around the 1800's, considering the first train in our world was build in 1825 ( I think… why I know this I don't know). And in amoungst this happening, we are jumping to the perspective of a young man, who is also half cat. Or something. And he can fly…and there is a war happening in the skies and no one on the ground notices. We are also constantly skipping huge amounts of time and I am really hoping we start to get told a few things soon and this is all going to come together into a nice bubbly interesting story. I hope.

Anyway as I was saying… this is just an example of not conveying to your readers what or where you are writing. Unless I am a complete fool who doesn't pay attention to what shes reading which is highly possible when one sleeps for an hour or so a night.

In saying that about "Power and Majesty" its actually quite interesting. I had never heard of the author, although she has apparently written a few children's storybooks.  I will update you when I finish the book - hopefully I will have a great review for you!


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