Really need to make up my mind...

I keep changing the layout of this thing. I haven't really told many people about it because I can't seem to find a layout that I like! They're either too boring, too bright, too weird ( and I like weird) or too blah to warrant a stay any longer than a few weeks, then I loose interest. So I apologise if everytime you look *not that there is many of you* it is completely different.

It's sort of like my life. Each week something changes and I am either back to the beginning in a situation or I do a complete turn over and change everything, only to decide to put it back to the original. I'm a bit odd sometimes. The End.


  1. I really like this layout Tricia, I like the colourful books on the wallpaper and the warm peachy tone for the your photo is cute too!

  2. Thankyou love. I'm thinking I like this layout too.. I prefer purple /blue shades but this is growing on me :)


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