Overview of our Traci Harding and Kim Falconer Signing!

What an awesome day!

It started off with me running around making sure everything was perfect before the girls showed up. When Traci and Sarah first arrived, it was hugs and chatting until the beautiful Kim, Natalie, Abigail, Sue and Maddy showed up, then off to coffee :) 

At 12.30pm we rushed back to the store to see dozens of people lining up, it was fantastic! 

The ladies got themselves organised then sat down for what ended up being nearly 2 hours of signing books for adoring fans!

Kim was Traci's first fan for the day! Kim got her copy of "Being of the Field" signed, before settling down and signing away. Much discussion was had, with Fans each getting a few minutes to chat to their favourite author about different scenes in the books, their favourite character, what they thought of Traci and Kim's newest releases and commenting on Traci's 
new hair do ( which looks fab!).

We had people visit from Melbourne which was amazing, and we had many fans from Traci's website www.trazling.net  show up so that was a lovely surprise to see some old friends. The ladies signed and signed, many people bought the books on the day and it was just lovely :) 

Thank you to everyone who came, I have posted some more pics below!

Oh look there's me!


  1. This is such a lovely recap of the day! Thank you again, Tricia. I had a wonderful time. It's so good to get out of my 'tower' and spend time with friends and readers!

    :) Kim

  2. it was no problem at all, thank you for visiting us!

    I have had such great feedback from the day!


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