Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

This novel was an unexpected surprise. I few years back I read Cate's "Wicca/Sweep" novels and thought they were good but nothing fantastic. It is quite a modern book, in terms of the writing structure and content and I would say you would have to be a mature teenager and older to read it.

Natasya is an Immortal and has spent the last few hundred years partying away her miserable existance with equally apatheic immortals like herself. They go through life with little concern for the mere mortals that surround them and make their life so glamourous, until Natasya witnesses an act by her best friend that even she can not condone.
She leaves her accustomed lifestyle to live in basic isolation, on a small farm with "reforming immortals".

The first few chapters of the book are quite sluggish, kind of look as though they have been thrown together as a draft to submit to publishers then left as they are. I perservered though and once we got to the 3rd chapter things started to pan out and I started to like my new " Herione in disguise". The story follows Natasya's plight to become a better person, but uncovers many memories and hurt along the way. She is reuinted with someone she never wanted to lay eyes on again, and amazed to discover her affection her him.

Natasyas inner monologue keeps the story light and entertaining but still gives it the depth it needs.

All in all, I did enjoy this book. I hear it is a trilogy and the 3rd in the series is due out soon so I better get into gear and read the 2nd!

3.8 stars.. yes I can do .8, meaning not quite a 4, but not deserving as low as a 3 :)


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